Firma Fluks

This is Firma Fluks

We are Liesbeth, Claudia and Jeannette, and we work together on projects that consist of clear texts, striking images and a surprising approach. Communicating with children and young people is our specialty. Although, as an editorial office, we also like to write for publications with an older readership who have a need for plain and clear language.

What do we do?

We write stories, books, teaching materials, articles, interviews, press releases, newsletters, animation and film scripts as well as texts for audio productions, digital lessons, websites, social media, infographics and board games. Besides creating concepts, carrying out research and writing texts, we also have extensive experience in project management, art design and copy editing. In addition to all that, we are incredibly fast and flexible. That’s why we are called Fluks (which means ‘quickly’ in Dutch).

And last but not least: We don’t like fuss, have never missed a deadline and only work with friendly people.